About The Flower

I was happy to find the fluffy flower; I was also a little sad because the wind kept blowing its feathers and it was a very shady spot with little light and more than enough heat and humidity. I may go back to the spot today.

I worked on my painting in progress and will add the fine detail next session, maybe even the final one: contrasting color and with my finest paintbrush, the outer lines and highlights of the main things. I also drew two pocket sketches (to be shown). Goodbye just requires once (courtesy realization: no popping up out of thin air); my mouth enjoys quietness, with a book to read, tea to drink, a kiss and another, yoga, snacks, fruits, water, salmon or sushi, sometimes pancetta, steamed rice with avocado, black beans, vegetables, eggs with baby spinach, and sugar cookies with sprinkles to eat in the future, a deep stretch, morning meditation now, timer without the bell, a movement of my fingers without keys, presence and listening…I hear you. 🙂


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