Peeko Creates His Own Retreat

(photo found from yesterday; lighting a little brightened to match reality)

Speaking of all my “pocket talk” with my pocket sketchbooks on the blog drawings of flowers and leaves out in the field:

My cat Peeko added to his cat tower…and created his very own hammock! from beneath the seat of my chair, and it’s well-made and hidden from view in the room!

He goes inside to lounge near his Mama (me) while having his own place to simply recline…😊and stretch his feet, and cuddle. He was very contented and almost asleep for a nap when I snapped this photo.

Beneath my sitting chair in the living room, Peeko somehow made this hammock for himself, a retreat for a true guardian lion and champion. Look how he’s smizing at you with his classic pout; this cat has many skills. 😊🐱

Happy Weekend! 😉love 🐱Peeko! and me

I was in my own retreat, listening to a call and response chorus and the humming wave of summer keeping it all together. I was reading my book by the open window, surprised by how many comfortable ways I could sit in this great puffy chair in my own library retreat…

Morningtime, a big puffy soft pink cloud through the window, my phone reflection leaves an imprint on the bottom as in, I took this photo.

Happy Saturday!

…a dance celebration video last week 🎊 (from my very side project, channel Jade Nicole Yoga)


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