Fresh Strawberries and a Flower Bouquet by the Window

“Fresh Strawberries and a Flower Bouquet by the Window”

by Jade Nicole Beals

Sept. 8, 2022. 11 L x 14 W sides painted, signed and dated on back by me.

*I will mark paintings as ‘available’ to purchase, unavailable in private collection, or temporarily unavailable if the painting will be part of an art show to come.*


My 8th recent painting.

I have been working on this one for awhile, since around June maybe, and it began as a room that came to my imagination in much more neutral tones, not a place I’d been that I knew, but when I would draw it and paint it, more intensity of color would come in naturally as the true mood felt, as though the whole still life scene was infused with great passion, love, warmth, togetherness, gratitude, and a dream scene of blue-green hills and a bright night come to life, the window likely open, curtains set aside, and with much to ponder and enjoy outside as well as inside.


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