Queen Elizabeth II and a Teatime Afternoon

I’ve enjoyed this teacup for awhile, without knowing anything about the people specifically, but because my grandma in law, Arlene gave it to me, the one who lives in Massachusetts nearby, who’s married to my grandfather in law, Gerry.

In a burst of great excitement moving through their dining room, she’d said to me; “You like tea and teacups? That’s great! I’ve always thought how I would like to give my special things to someone so they can enjoy them like I have, they have been special to me, not just ‘things,’ and I like to see them go to a good home!”

She gave me this porcelain teacup along with a few others that day.

I just learned more info when I found out today that Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday, September 8, 2022 at age 96, and she died yesterday afternoon at her vacation home in Scotland, UK.

I’d just a few weeks ago renewed with a nice cleanse all my teacups and display shelf, and just last week, I rotated my teacups on display to show a different cup, this one, in order to showcase the different ones; I was sorry today to hear she just died.

I am having a cup of Japanese Sencha green tea in this teacup by the sunny window this Friday afternoon, and I learned a little more—that Queen Elizabeth II was known to like to modernize things with the way ‘the monarch’ was seen and to be more lively and natural that way, and to open more places as accessible to the public to enjoy.

Although the two people appear the same age on the teacup from photos chosen, I thought this was Queen Elizabeth II with her father, King George VI. But I think this is more likely Queen Elizabeth II’s Mom, “Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon,” as she was Queen of the UK from 1936 to 1952, and the wife of King George VI. This Queen Elizabeth ‘the Mother Queen’ died in 2002.—Feel free to correct me on any of this.

Either way, I feel they’re reuniting. I have more special things to share in time and plenty; I will pace myself now. I’ve completed my still life painting last night, “Fresh Strawberries and a Flower Bouquet by the Window” (shown most recently) and two poems I began in August complete today (posted before this one), and it is the weekend now, with a full moon to come tomorrow, a celebration, if you’d like it to be one. I probably meant these two poems that I’d worked on further after this post and completed:

A Wish in a Spiral

The Pinnacle


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