Nature Plays The Same Notes

After I completed my painting the previous night, this afternoon, Friday, I went out for a celebratory walk in the bright sun. I found nature playing the same notes, blossoming with the colors that inspired my latest painting from imagination: Fresh Strawberries and a Flower Bouquet by the Window. In my art, the mood felt true as a moment, scene highlighted it with great intensity and maybe some rugged wildness too.

On my walk, I spotted the flowers ‘goldenrod’ growing abundantly after I’d read Maggie Smith’s poetry book, Goldenrod. In the title poem, the speaker confesses that whenever she sees a yellow flower she calls it goldenrod whether it is or not. My flower ID app showed that this flower I’d found is goldenrod.

And I found some more brilliant shades, with violet-blue berries not to be eaten on this tree said to be a ‘Virginia Creeper,’ with bright red leaves not to be touched and the little enchanting purple-blue berries not to be eaten either, so much brightness as autumn nears, a crescendo of wildflowers, berries, and trees in this well-lit sunny afternoon place near home.

I like to look at nature just for it as a being, and often I am inspired by the simplicity of a scene, the delicateness, smoothness, and warmth and personality in it too, that I keep in my heart and mind for future artwork.

Golden comes the moon brighter than the sun tonight and my body says it’s still daytime awake, yet I have just two or three pages left in my book I’m reading but I am too tired to read them tonight.


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