blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Peeko, and What We’re Up To

He loves morningtime and especially, morning shadows and light…
…shown enthralled with morning light shadows at sunrise today, with my round green painting on the wall in the background, ‘Jasmine and Jewels’ and Van Gogh’s Cypress Tree in the hallway.

Update Thurs. 7 am: Peeko is feeling better! 🙂 He ate all of his late dinner and all of his breakfast today.

Today’s ‘one thing or two’ main project picked for the day and that’s all—in bold—among other things I may pick to do:

*a fully physical day: yoga—extended hold of each stretch. eating cucumber slices for hydration, pumice stone on feet/heels in warm water basin/tub, moisturizing face and body, picking up new loungewear in mailbox to wash and wear, self-massage esp. during yoga, shampooing hair followed by cool water and gently combing wet hair with wide-toothed comb.

*my ‘imagined room’ still life canvas, fine details, might finish it this afternoon / evening.

*finishing the fantasy/speculative novel Uprooted by Naomi Novik, with just the last chapter to read.


Engraved H.E.B ‘19 on bottom: 2019, 1919, or 1419? I don’t know 😉

This new teacup taught me (seen before on my display shelf) how to be more still and drink from it well. 🙂 I also fully customized this new blog theme I picked today that’s finally all working well!


Thank you all for your well wishes, loving prayers, and good thoughts! Love, —Jade & ‘That’ll be all now, that’ll be all 😉 Cheers!’ —Peeko

This was from yesterday:

It seems like something is wrong for Peeko today or that he doesn’t feel well. We will see how he feels tomorrow, see that he eats his breakfast in the morning, as he’d been eating all of his fully hydrating meals and playing as usual. Today he seems a little more sad than usual and ate just half his breakfast.


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