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Decorating Writing Notebooks and a Petite Painting (Hidden for Now)

…I didn’t write today, but I got my notebooks ready with decor and labels. I write in these, a notebook for poetry and another for fiction, in pen by hand and may type up complete versions afterwards. (But now, look away, these are secret things.) Today, I didn’t do sitting meditation; I did walking meditation.

I finished reading The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis this morning and loved it, not realizing I’d write now about my own nephew. 😀 I completed the petite commissioned acrylic painting for my baby nephew today and my husband Dan, the baby’s Uncle and cousin cat Peeko saw it and enjoyed it.

Just after we saw it, my cat Peeko began looking for a little while at my painting on display on the wall, “Jasmine and Jewels;” and even with my poetry, it seems like he can identify my work specifically.

I will give it to the baby mid-October when I see him. He’ll be almost 8 months by then. I’ve sealed the painting with a gentle coat of varnish. It will be Untitled, to the baby’s name on the back, to allow more room for interpretation.

I’ve found I prefer to sit while painting. I plan to experiment with a table or low easel.

Now I will rest and happily sit. It’s now Saturday, and soon, I will go to a festival at the local shrine and retreat, La Salette, for an Italian Cultural celebration…:)

My recent Poems, complete today.
The Pinnacle
A Wish in a Spiral


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