A Branch I’d Just Found and Pressed, Just One Leaf Stayed, and Two Poems

One leaf stayed on this little branch I found last week and pressed; leaves come out of a book sooner preserved than flowers; it looks like a wing to dance and the perfect nature-found, little handmade bookmark for this pocket-sized poetry book. I am sorry, I have a confession to make, I don’t want this leaf anymore as it is slightly shedding tiny bits of red crumble on my pants as I read, even if it’s like a red wing or a tiny wand, but the earth and heart can have it well. I probably took it out of the book a week too soon, Oops…That, and I don’t want to wear these particular pants right now, my new pink and gray plaid top and shorts set I like better for a warm night, and Rumi’s poetry the subject of the post is fine, has been.

And these are poems I’d wanted to read, preserved in their traditional form in this English translation, soothing rhythmic lines, and end word repetitions; I didn’t know that until I read one. I plan to be reading this book on Rumi’s 815th birthday on Sept. 30th, and so back up on the highest bookshelf (unread section) ‘til then this book goes. 🙂

—I take note now of the past advice of my wiser editor love: write, wait to post the words and review, and then do it, that’s it.


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