An Art Gallery Weekend, A Reflection on Beauty, Luminosity, and Happiness in Art

featured artists, Rich and Shana, this weekend, and me centered

Saturday I spent the afternoon at the local Art Gallery and Studio and it’s been a busy, connected time with the artist friends there, and those words don’t always come together in other ways, which I love about this. I had just finished my recent still life expressionist painting, and my next one will be a small 9 x 12 canvas for my nephew’s baby room that I will create with no directions, but for the room, with light walls, light blue bedding, and a light golden brown wood floor, very soothing; he’s almost 7 months now.

What I did first was read a very well-written, quick biography of Pablo Picasso with his artwork, a book that was at the gallery. Picasso seemed always close to sculpture, his first love; I can see that clearly in his paintings now knowing that; his paintings being some of the oddest and strangest I can remember.

I liked that Picasso spent his last days painting fairies and sprites and creatures and scenes from Arcadian folktales, and was very happy with these subjects.

I then tried on a blank sheet of drawing paper with colored pencils abstract shapes or forms that I may like to paint (I won’t tell them here); the paper I recycled, and just the lesson I kept.

with artist Shana and Naomi, Rich’s wife, and me showing all art supplies

Artist Shana Sood’s painting in progress near completion, my spontaneous reaction


More completed things: I finished reading the fantasy/speculative novel, Uprooted (link to buy a copy) by author our time, Naomi Novik. It was a very personal story to me set in a very tangible and visceral fantasy world, mainly the Wood, and with plenty of symbolism and questions of good and evil, preventing evil, eradicating it and how, certain lines almost like haiku in descriptiveness and conciseness with a metaphor for reality or its struggles deeply felt.

It’s a very freeing, greatly satisfying feeling to have not yet started a new painting, or be reading any book at all, or working on any poems or story partially written with some words to it on the page—none. I am in nothing; it is great, and I am also happy that it won’t last long…


It is nice to just go in a direction in art without worrying about what you or anyone else think you ‘should’ do and also enjoying a past piece but knowing that now you may want to work on another thing…I like being able to approach my future canvas as a slow love, yet knowing it can also be complete sooner than I might think. Many artists try a variety of styles or subjects, think Picasso’s ‘blue period’ and then his ‘rose period,’ terms formed by art historians.

I am in a place with painting where I am interested in more than one different style and subjects for future work,

and yet there’s often one that feels like the one you want to paint before you start the next canvas, that you can really fall into…And I feel I found mine for the next canvas, I have something in mind. 💕🎨

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