Inspiring Spaces: An Amethyst Heart and Other Photos

On this blog, I may share a photo of a new arrangement or design in my home. It can refresh your mind to have things set nicely, and often it doesn’t require much addition, but making some space or arranging, for artists working at home or anyone.

I tilted the amethyst gem crystal an upright way than I’d had originally, to show its heart shape (it’s a cherished gift from my sister Jenna for my birthday last year, my birthstone), this photo taken at dawn. It is secure on the lampstand and catching plenty of light to shimmer. Since the lamp is connected to the wall, I can turn the light on from the wall switch without touching the lamp, and just move aside the amethyst for any dusting or cleaning.

I moved my new antique-looking wooden jewelry box to this table, and now I can pick jewelry to wear and see what’s there more easily, standing. The bottom shelf of this night stand table holds new folded pillowcases for changing them during the week.

I’ve also rearranged my bookshelf without needing to give away any books, just arranged it, so books look most central to it, and there’s more room now for me to collect my favorite books over time (And that would be like my own literary canon for myself; I’d answered a question, “What is the literary canon?” in this post.) I will show my bookshelf sometime again.

Yesterday’s literary salon ;), I began reading a new book of short stories, well, pub. in 1926, from ‘around the world.’ And the first country the book begins with is “Egypt” where my literary host had her literary salons at that time period of early 1900s, to discuss literature of the time and earlier, talk about inventions and philosophical ideas and debate.

I read just one story “Two Brothers.” It was the kind of story you could read over and find new suggested meaning along with symbolism, and there’s plenty unsettling in lines. (Anyway, Re story: Did I drink a cool cup of anyone’s soul? Did anyone get a cup of mine? And what did they do with theirs? 🤔)**

My cat Peeko (yesterday) loves to see me read big classic books from the library and loves the consistency that I will be reading the book for awhile, and long naps too; he also enjoys challenges being achieved by his family. And he loves the new teddybear I got (pictured in prev. post), he sits with her, and looks glad to have another one like himself as company. I was glad, with other things he’d be jealous and pout, like with my plants, when I kissed their leaves and spoke to them.

This is Baby Boy Basil! He’s really grown and even exceeded his size when I got him (and had unknowingly given him too much cold water toppling him over and starting over.)


Yesterday afternoon, I picked up the large-sized tube of white acrylic I’d needed, I really like the look of the new paints.

Today I will begin painting a small, commissioned (9 x 12) canvas for my nephew’s baby room (he’s almost 7 months; my sister’s son), I know what style interests me for this and I will start from there…

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