Three Lessons and No Painting, Yet


a wildflower I saw today that looks like confetti

Three Lessons I Learned Today with Art

  1. Rubbing alcohol should not be used on a canvas or the back of it, it’s strong and it made paint seep through, keep canvas on easel or a clear space to set it down. I remember: I packed my wooden easel away in the garage years ago when I thought I was not going to paint anymore, I wonder if I threw it away, I will check when I am ready to come back in.
  2. Cinnamon toast crunch should not be an option of a fun cereal for me for a once in awhile switch in, brushed my teeth well, washed my hands well, out in the fresh air and sun.
  3. I have another (9 x 12) canvas that’s ready for me, aim to keep canvases well, research beforehand can help.
  4. I learned these 3 lessons, will have them with me, now I have a party playlist going toward the fields near home, cool air, sunny, and ready to dance in, near population (but I’m from Brooklyn, so they’re grand), DJ pick one…;) DJ Picks, Jiggle It – Marshmello…
  5. Let’s Go 😉
  6. I am back from my dance party in the fields…The list ended up as…Marshmello followed by Emad Sayyah ‘Belly Dance’ percussion songs, and Despacito with Justin Bieber 🗝💃, stop dancing and go back inside for water, just then comes on 🎶 Calabria (‘No not done yet!’)—am Italian, and I danced some more :), followed by ‘2 Step’, Hood Celebrityy – ‘Island Girls’ (Me too, you know), Jay-Z Big Pimpin’ (🤣), and then the DJ closes with Marshmello and Khalid – Numb (DJ Yuki Remix).
  7. Shouldn’t I just delete this post? Of course not. 🙂

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