A Petite Canvas: An Abstract Painting in the Making and Two Other Art Forms Calling

I am working on a small (9 x 12) canvas for my baby nephew to display in his nursery; today is the second day I am working on it. I’ve felt most drawn to abstract art now, which is a spontaneous art for me, and I found I like it best done with a calm, curious pace.

Being very intellectually advanced and curiously intrigued of a baby (he is almost 7 months), I feel this is a style my nephew may enjoy now and when he’s older too (no expectations at all.)

Late yesterday, I had to paint over most places a neutral white paint, as I’d lost the composition with too many added brushstrokes and too long a session. After awhile, when a composition (the placement of all sized objects and how they connect) forms, I will notice it, see if it’s time to go away from it then, and come back later to enhance it and with some defining detail.

It helps me to give in to my goals and desires ahead of time even in spontaneous art: what I’d like for this one is for it to be calming in mood and composition, with tiny bits of uniqueness and curiosity, and an even, smooth look and texture.

Now I am just sitting in my living room in a chair looking at what I painted on this canvas, my legs over the arm of the chair very comfortably free, the painting on my lap, the morning sunlight lighting up the windows and at a comfortable distance of a relaxed light, my other projects calling to me…as in, I want to take some new self-portraits, a way of saying no words and not creating anything but somethings said, and I want to write a new short story. I was planning a novel, but I feel more toward writing short stories that go together, and I can comfortably keep my desired dedication to painting this way, compatible projects.

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