New England Garden: Dahlia Day and Fairy Forest

It was Dahlia Day at the garden my husband Dan and I went to for the day. This New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill is in North Western MA. It is nice too that libraries around MA offer passes that discount the admission price greatly, and one pass covers two people for the day. The Garden also had set up an exhibit of fairy houses along the forest trail, and we will get to that after the dahlias. I didn’t know these particular events were happening when I thought to go, and I was glad for them.

Awards were given in a very special ceremony for winning dahlias after all the dahlias were on proud display along the interior window and in another room (we didn’t attend the theater ceremony); here is one of my favorites from the Largest category.

The next photos…of everything else were all taken by Dan which he offered to take. 💕

My favorite Dahlia
Beautiful, Two-Toned, and Bright

Inside the inner room, it was pretty crowded with a serious air, and with the guests and the scent of flowers in the air, I felt like I was at a formal work party and a funeral in one, a very new thing to me.

A woman whose floral arrangement was on display showed me hers and let me know… “Plant a dahlia! Try it! You can’t go wrong. There is no way you can fail with dahlias.”

a fairy house! 🙂
florally made 🙂
I’ll be in that ^ one 🙂

My pocket sketch: ‘The Pond’ at NE Botanical Garden at Tower Hill, including what we’d overheard might have been a beaver dam slowly drifting around the calm water.


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