A Pocketbook, A Teddybear, A Cup of Tea, An Old Book of Stories, A Paper…

Sept. 21, 2022

(I had a hard time photoing this as she sits more comfortably higher as usual & camera would be too close, but this photo was my best at time)

I opened up my pocket sketchbook and viewed my pencil portrait of poet May Ziadeh; this teddybear sitting with me is very sweet; I read silently one story from Ancient Rome in that big book of stories from around the world I found at the library, about a man named Simonides whose greatest possession was himself…I finished my cup of tea.

I was going to draw with pencil but decided to recycle the page and got a pen to place beside it to write a new short story when I’m ready.

After lunch, I practiced walking meditation, not realizing until I started how long it’d been since I’d done that, gently focusing on the sound and feeling of shoes touching ground and breathing, of walking, rather than just letting my mind run wild and ruminate all day. I will meditate again tomorrow; it helps to pick an amount of time like 5 or 10 mins you can do comfortably and do that each day when you can. I use InsightTimer app for the bells.

It felt like a big relief to me rather than a failure of having falling out of practice. I will do 10 mins walking meditation again today after I post this.

And then the literary salon moved into the beauty salon, that also should continue.

Later on, I worked on a commissioned painting for my baby nephew for his nursery. I will have more sketches and paintings to share to come, but that painting won’t be shown until the baby himself receives it, in a few weeks. And I might write a new short story soon, to come.


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