My Dream of a Paper I Didn’t Request but Read Anyway

I dreamed last night I had a few printed pages given to me by an unspecified fortune teller, predictions I did not ask for, but ‘here it is!’ I see. On the front page, it predicts that I am most fond of the Full Moon…and there’s an illustration of a very big round and bright white moon in a sky that’s mid-way between dark and light, like a soft, painted photograph of sky and space…

In the dream I exclaimed “That is right! The full moon is my favorite phase of the moon. I do love the moon best when it is full.” (Not necessarily true as a full statement in my life though.)

And then I said as I read on, “But this part says that I am very fond of wolves specifically…I don’t know that that is true: And aren’t wolves just dogs that people made up to be scarier than they have to be?”

Dream ends.

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