“A Wish in a Spiral”

It is not the heat of high summer,
It’s the morning dropping cool  
so soon, and she has me see 
what’s sweet, 
feel sweet 
and fun…
My heart's spinning fast and warm again
like a little music box that's just been spun,
my eyes and lashes, my nose, 
and the tiny teardrop shape
just above my mouth, 
my mouth with the little dewdrop shape 
in a soft pout, my chin, and my neck, 
my hair loosely twirled 
the sun will soon light this up—
I am beneath the whole open book. 

A time ago, 
I had a wish, just one, 
I’d picked. I think of this, as I send the almond milk 
swirling, whisking it fully, Ti Kuan Yin’s 
leaves deepening with plum notes,  
a packet of a new flavor I’d found 
included in my order to my surprise…
a kiss again upon my face, again, 
lips even softer, a fuller sensation, again, 
renewing me…

A time ago, in a spiral
that wound with and without me through the day and night,
I wished for your happiness—It was my wish, 
and I’d known it was coming to you.

Jade Nicole Beals

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