Miss May Ziadeh ii, My First Time with Charcoal

Miss May Ziadeh ii, charcoal on paper, by Jade Nicole Beals, Sept. 25, 2022.

I found a set of pencils I liked at the store. Iā€™d used charcoal sticks many years ago in a school art class, but never after that, had I drawn with charcoal pencils. After trying these, I completed my set with soft and very soft pencils that should arrive tomorrow.

I wanted to draw May again. It is a way of gentle touch, I am learning, and drawing with a different grade charcoal for different looks on paper for different parts of the drawing, with this new media I really love.

The hard charcoal shows gray and as a stronger line, the medium charcoal is blendable, can be applied with light pressure and layered, and shows darker than the hard on paper.

Drawing for awhile and drawing a portrait of a poet I really admire and have learned so much about has been greatly calming and centering.

This was an experiment without each pencil in the varieties of weight; this portrait reminds me of a fantasy-like, character May aglow. I changed a little as I formed the fantasy character look as art is not the subject; you can also make little changes for art effects, but I do enjoy realistic intention portraits as well. šŸ™‚


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