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Drawing and Portraits, What Artists Might Like to Draw with

I love to paint, and I also found that I love to sketch on the go, and draw. Drawing, sketching, and painting all enhance each other and develop different artist skills, while each creates a different artwork or result.

I drew May Ziadeh with pencil in my pocket sketchbook…I loved to do that, and I really wanted to draw her again; it had been on my mind in some way.

You may also know that artist and poet Kahlil Gibran drew this poet too, and beautifully…I’ve admired the look of his drawings and portrait work, and his portrait of May here.

So I found my answer that was on my mind, ‘though I didn’t know right away it was a question, and I finally looked up…so I looked at his museum archives, and I’d like to try drawing…in charcoal. 🙂

I’ve found there are charcoal pencils of different grades like soft, charcoal sticks of different sizes and soft – hard, and white charcoal (also found in pencil form). Different pressure by hand can create soft and dark shadings, and the white charcoal can add highlights.

I will let you know what the charcoal pencil set I found is like when it comes.


2 responses to “Drawing and Portraits, What Artists Might Like to Draw with”

  1. I admire your talent. I want to work on my face drawing because I really love faces. I spent the last year working on my face doodles on and off, but I need to step it up haha. I’ve never tried charcoal, but I did finally break down and get myself some drawing pencils :).

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  2. Hi Luanne, thank you! 🙂 🙂 That’s wonderful to hear, am so glad you got them & that is admirable !!…I had been wanting to get drawing supplies too but can get put off,
    I hope you enjoy them, it is very soothing for me, I am also really looking fwd to getting your poetry book in the mail! 🙂


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