blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

A Self-Portrait & Writing by Hand

Updates throughout, covers through Friday :D.

Wednesday, and Virginia Woolf served so many cups of tea written into the short story collection Monday or Tuesday that there’s no desire left for another cup of tea for me today. From that particular set of stories, I really liked “The String Quartet” and “Kew Gardens.”

Yesterday I came upon a short story I wrote and had forgotten, it’s based on a true life vacation story. (Not the one about my lost pajamas; I found those again, well I bought a new identical pair, a little updated I like even better: Friday, Already snapped the seam a little. 😂I have ordered a size up. 😊 to find out: if it was careless laundering by me, or more space needed. 🙂 )

I found the story when I’d drenched my prev. fiction notebook by dropping a cup of tea on it, only on the paper I’d not yet written, snapped the spout of my ‘breakable’ by popular review glass teapot (no one hurt); again dropping things something to practice getting better at, and got my spare, petite one ready, a new glass one highly-rated on its way. My cat wrote his own poem last night but did not want it shown, let him tap his keys in peace, please. As for the tea there’s now been plenty. Friday: The new “Celebration Glass Teapot” is beautiful and pours correctly and is also a great fit for a small corner with kettle, but I’ll give a little tea break for you. 🙂 Well, the complimentary flowering tea it came with named ‘Eternal Love’ was fitting for a birthday of Rumi’s. Today is silence; failed so. We’ll try it again tomorrow.

I enjoyed decorating these notebooks; you’ll see what happens next…


Writing poems by hand has done well for me in a wide-ruled composition notebook, the wide lines and way poetry can be built through word choice suits that well, more space between lines and less need to connect them all. I have stored away my spare notebook, you may notice, the seam strong, cover great, a nice relief.

Thankful this special floral label has been so durably made, a collage I made from the floral decor papers my friend Kira gave me…I haven’t written many short stories in my life. I found tonight that writing on loose leaf papers for something more linear like a story and writing on more the more narrow, college lined page is easier to hold/turn pages and to continue with (especially since my handwriting tends to be kind of big and somewhat illegible)…can staple together papers at a point to review the draft…

I have my new story written part-way on a loose leaf page and back of page in this cream folder. What an adventure this has already been.


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