blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

A Very Valued Art Lesson

While I started my short story this week I’m not worried that I’d started writing a short story with a fun idea after a pretty long time away, I am glad I have been indulging in visual arts even more if that’s what is interesting me at the time…

These arts are all meaningful and switch in and off and seasons of them and there could be double art genres in one day…I learned this week that I really enjoy the different types of drawing or graphite pencils as an art of drawing. I also enjoy not having charcoal dust all over my hands, face, lungs, and clothes (but would learn to work with it if I preferred the look for my personal style of art). I love to draw with the different softness and color of graphite pencils too that I have, I wonder if charcoal pencil in the darkest part of a picture used in moderation would enhance it. It is great practice in drawing subjects that may enhance or create more personality in my paintings when working with paints and color.

I like to paint of course and I am feeling myself ready to paint another soon, just sensing which size is the size canvas I am feeling now. As for drawing on paper, the different levels of graphite pencil are great for a relaxing and/or deep or varied view in drawing in the same way that a poem contains no colors but plenty…I want to get a kneaded eraser.

I learned very much so from the artist Kahlil Gibran to appreciate these graphite pencils by looking at his museum art, and I learned from his art directly the beauty and pleasantness of a light touch in drawing, and of building shading and shadows gradually, darkening as much as desired but with control. I would’ve studied his artwork more and shared some more links to specific works but looking at his art for long last week had brought me that physical feeling of unrest and tension.

The lesson of light touch—I think of it as feather light :), tracing light, silken light, well-sung, whispered wholly—has been truly a beautiful lesson that I am content with so no need to personally further study Gibran or go beyond any limits…I am glad to draw May again and look forward to that and art of more or whom or other sights that delight me. 🙂

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