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This Home Has a New Sparkle, A Secret View to be Shared

So what does this do? I wanted to share with you what it looks like inside…It’s been mostly small ways of decorating. There’d been a question from myself to myself: Why am I not really sitting or outside on the balcony on beautiful days?

—I realized I just wanted a small pillow for the back of the chair. Small changes like this can make a big difference if you don’t use something but like it, and never asked why…Plants can make your air healthier and make your cat feel like he has some real familiar ground even if he was born fully indoors, but be sure to check for specific kind of pet you may have safe plants.

And for counter or table surfaces and floors, like in the kitchen, you can clean really well naturally and without intense chemicals: A fresh lemon and some baking soda will make plenty of natural cleanser. (Baking soda is safe for cats whereas Borax isn’t, but can be fine for people’s utensils.) Little things like this may make you feel refreshed and more at home, and as an artist or writer or anyone home at all, you may want to write or create more or rest more:

I deep cleaned the place well today, it was good physical movement, although my husband will do this kind of work if asked I wanted to do it anyway. He was working overtime and stuck out at a job gone not so well, but I’ve already finished & hope he will enjoy the look later when he comes home. 🙂

Interior and exterior windows patio door and the siding outside cleaned, tv stand cleaned decor figurines arranged nothing removed, counter & surfaces deep cleansed naturally, kitchen table cleansed, bathroom sink counters, mirror, bathtub tends to need a more strong cleaner for bathtub periodically but white vinegar is excellent in between, can use to clean toilet too…

That is my special round painting that I keep in my private collection, “Jasmine and Jewels.”
I folded the blanket a softer way and so it falls fuller too, and the beach painting has been displayed a long time and a rare look I’ve really enjoyed, it is likely from a store yrs ago that I didn’t enter.
Baking Soda + Lemon = amazing natural cleaner that will fizz and smell so beautiful just like fresh dough in the making and feels so nice on your hands like dough too, and I am not one to hype over textures. Oven cleaned and the jets, tea corner with the new glass teapot as well. (The tea cup I should have tilted a little neater but gentle enough, learning not to break stuff.) 😊 The little round box I painted with many soft colors and a look of confetti, was one of those rare moments then, and I painted the two corns on cob years ago onto it too :).
I cleaned the patio chairs and the screens, I will get an outdoor pillow for the backseat of mine; I’d realized I enjoy pillows. The binoculars I have yet to use, I guess I am traditional 😅 .
Dan had already cleaned balcony terrace white railing very well done, autumn trees with colors there by the natural world, I will complete terrace with a pot of flowers (my pansies were completed for the season, I pressed the last one in a book and it’s ready) & a little potter table will be placed, I swept it all, and all the siding.


3 responses to “This Home Has a New Sparkle, A Secret View to be Shared”

  1. What a lovely interior and autumny view! I adore the cozy colors and the botanical/earthy details, like the pine cone throw and the flowers in the rug. All the textures and patterns have enough “breathing space” to speak for themselves. And your paintings add a wonderful personal element. ❤

    I recently moved and am working on re-doing my decor as well. I’m going about it very slowly, trying to make every decision intentional and not too cluttery. 😉

    One book I found helpful in this regard is Feng Shui Modern by Cliff Tan. He is a delightfully goofy YouTuber, but his book is very down-to-business and has some great tips from feng shui tradition. I skip the superstitious side of it, but the design psychology side (which is what he focuses on) is fantastic. The TV in a corner is something he advocates for, so that everyone can see it but it doesn’t take up the most commanding space (the main wall). 🙂

    I’ll stop chattering, but thanks for sharing, Jade!

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