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A Little Treasure I Found

I updated more to this post from September 13, ‘22. Reblog lets me share this update with you…Enjoy 🙂

Blush of Dawn

I found this stuffed toy at a gift shop at a rest stop in Western Massachusetts as we were arriving. My husband noticed the shop looked like it had nice things and we looked around. 🙂 This was the same trip (post: last section) when I lost my favorite pajamas. I saw a small display of stuffed toys, and also realized I’d not selected one for myself before.

She is a baby black bear, my inclination at first was not to name her, and I find that’s where I am. Peeko has understood her as ‘the baby bear’ or ‘teddybear’ and will look at her with recognition like that, as bears in the wild don’t name each other but still communicate, I’d found out.

My cat Peeko may go over and nap next to her, and he may gaze at her adoringly in my arms like “That is a beautiful…

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