blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Flowers These Keepsakes

It is a very dim, cool Monday morning, but these flowers are all ready, each with a little story, flowers from the summer…

The first I’d gotten is the little white daisy with the bright gold center that Dan gave to me on a very hot, refreshing daytime walk at a park near where we live this summer…Its feathery white petals withered a little in the heat by the time I got it home in the book, and now it’s like a little bright sun planet with intricate little lines as if sewn.

The purple flower beside it is a pansy I’d pressed months and months ago, it is folded sweetly.

The next purple flower is a flower my mom gave to me in Boston when she came to visit. It originally had a fifth petal that fell off in my purse. I couldn’t find the name. 🙂 As we were passing some flowers, I’d taken one from a bunch and my mom must have quickly seen from behind us that I stood awhile and picked one with a little decay spot as we were to be on our way soon. She handed me this one: a perfect bright pink flower…I’d had two then in my hands and mine blew away into the wind, but the one from my mom I kept in my purse ‘til home and pressed it in a book for about a month. It was pink, now it’s a lavender purple. 🙂

The purple flower with gold was the last pansy of the summer on my balcony, which I happened to look at very deeply, noticing its gold accents and deep purple and lighter purple coloring, and I’d drawn it, here it is pressed beautifully as a keepsake.

These flowers shown on my wooden jewelry box this cloudy, cool fall morning for you to see…:)

As for meditation and reflection or relaxing activities, like breathing and noticing your body from feet to head and then fully…yoga stretches, lovingkindness meditation,

self massage, and coffee / tea meditation, I have found this free-app helpful with directions and ideas, and with plenty of options for a silent meditation with bells: There’s a guided meditation called “Flower – Fresh” guided by my first meditation teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh with plenty of silence, and other flower ones too.



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