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A New Writing Project Idea, Genre! and a Recent Dream

Well, I felt today my way through mixing up and shuffling and throwing posts off the blog for too long and realizing this should just be as it is now…

I’d felt Miss May letting me see kindly, look, that is enough now, hands off the blog, it is a form of fidgeting, but better things can be done with your hands.

I remembered my writing project of poetry I had begun and went through this folder of poems. I’d had some verse poems and traditional form poems I’ve shared and I set all the verse poems (with line breaks) in a separate poetry folder.

I came across many recent prose poems in another prose poem folder I’d started, and then I found a poem that I rewrote today in flash story form. It felt like it was meant to be a story as I’d remembered way back that it was a story before I’d turned it to a verse poem. In a sigh of relief and amusement, I like where it went, and the new title.

I am finding that the main part of the book I will write as all new short stories! And the book concept I will wait to come in a few stories as what comes naturally as interesting to me to create, and write more from that concept. I will submit some stories from this manuscript to literary magazines as I go, as I plan to share a preview glimpse ahead of time.

So I have a start. After that, I rested my hands some more reading the novel Heidi by Johanna Spyri. I like how this fiction is made up of episodes that connect in a grander landscape, like many popular childrens’ books of the past, this one written in 1880. Some parts I’ve read are pretty funny in that way, and definitely transcends childrens’ books more relatable to children only, appropriate and relatable to adults reading as well.


Do you want to hear a dream? This one goes along with the other recent ones, and I am listening this time in a new way…I am told I’ve been a well-renowned ballerina in the world, (I didn’t remember this dream ‘til late day today not remembered when I did dance 😅). I replied, “Oh no, I am not a ballerina or a dancer at all. I took one year of dance at age 3…” when I see a video of myself show up on the screen that I didn’t recall, am formally dressed up and dancing ballet for a few seconds on a tape; it’s not really exactly me, but I say, “You have the footage…Okay.” 🙂

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