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Poetry Day

I think I might have told you that I would be sure to write a new poem on Poetry Day, today, Thurs. Oct. 6. I didn’t. 🙂 I didn’t plan to, I’d realized after. (update: —But that night, one came on its own that I wanted to write: “Autumnal,” and I wrote it first by hand.)

And is it Poetry Day for me, if it’s National Poetry Day in England, and I am in New England, United States? I don’t know, but if it’s a poetry party, I’ll go. 🙂

I went to the local library after lunch today, and I browsed this poetry book pictured, by Teresa Leo…I reclined, almost, in the window seat, and then I tried to find another book to read just by random…

I walked down each aisle like I was strolling through a country garden or a meditation path, but a name might come to mind and I’d be more on a maze and turn around to find it…

And then I found a set of books by the same author, I thought, I actually found something popular of today that I would want to read and talk about maybe even a little risky or not so intellectual…I see, author, Georgette Heyer. And then I see that the book I’d picked first from the ones I looked through was published in…1929. :D…And I find online the author was English. Now I am bathing my feet in a foot-bath (not because they hurt) but for beauty care and relaxation. 😀

And I have a poetry post coming up that I scheduled with the author to share tomorrow about this author of today’s recently released poetry book I read! But no more spoken words for me tonight.


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