blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

A Spontaneous List of Little Projects for The Coming Weeks

I wrote a new poem which I wasn’t expecting. It was a list poem unintended. I want to write a list now for you’ll see

  1. Colors on canvas with new easel, sitting, some pauses in btwn, may be an abstract with interest
  2. Short story going on…and to continue it in my pen beyond the 2 very personable opening sentences
  3. Just let me draw my darling, as I practice with my graphite pencils in sketchbooks.
  4. A self portrait photo and or a yoga photo.
  5. A fall yoga session outdoors near home.
  6. Paint again at The Gallery, packing my light easel to set up on the table.
  7. Make up a dream, however simple any, yes I’m sleepy, now, it begins with…I flip my head down, tie a loose ribbon with silk hair tie, fix, updo full done, its time to turn off the light


Please Note: I had no drinks writing this post last night nor did I really remember the details I wrote here at all 😂🙏 💕…But they’re all accurate to projects I am working on, and I’ll title it now.

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