Leaving the Literary Salon Unattended…

Peeko grooming himself

Peeko really never sleeps in this chair I usually sit in during the day, and I hadn’t even remembered that I’d placed this teddybear here…I guess there’s another literary salon going on inside, with Peeko. 🙂

I went out for a walk with music, the sun is bright and soft, the air warm and cool, I am about to go out for another walk after lunch. I felt the warmth of company as I’ve needed a time again of little inner speech or internal literary commentary.

I read the poem Gitanjali by Tagore (trans. 1911, Yeats into English): the poem is a sculpture, a meal, a concert, a dessert, a…….—hush ;)….


I walked in silence meditatively outside, looking at the autumn look, and also looked for a self-portrait spot sometime, maybe my balcony. I take a break from words just for now. I am setting up my easel.

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