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Words and a Book to Read, The Little Paris Bookshop

Thursday, night, 6 pm

My penpal Bethany was glad to see the historic library nearby today, as she works in a library and loves books; I borrowed this one I found while browsing without opening it. We had lunch at a bookstore cafe (and that worked well because it rained a little while before we could go to the estate garden walk and she could look through books there, to the library where only I could take a book.)

It is a very laugh out loud book so far, it’s raining here again, and I am reading in my own little library at home in the lamplight, will continue 🙂


It was a book I wished to read in one day; I did in a way, night, bed sleep, morning, and still raining. My thoughts of The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George:

3.5 🙂 I liked the little additions that reminded me of literary fiction, a type of writing style I’ve enjoyed in the past, the emphasis on: guided by love, not being too hard on oneself, continuous: what doesn’t change—and wanting to love someone else & doing so, enjoy making them smile & the smile that appears, that had been life-changing outside of this book. I felt the second part of the book maybe could’ve had a different narrator for the tone and maybe have two narrations.

I had found so many lines alone that were like inside jokes for me, and I had been just at the beginning, not yet at the part that mentions “the fear of showing one’s feet.” I guess I don’t have that fear, nor do I care either way. 🙂

But it also occurred to me most that maybe this novel was meant to be a short story. I remember how I’ve wanted to write a short story yet felt maybe others don’t want to read short stories, and then this one thought encourages me to write a short story.


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