blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

3 in One

  1. …I am reading another book by Georgette Heyer; it is great classy trashy reading from the 1930s, and I find that the author is…a Gemini. 😅 I woke and this photo I will place instead of my other maybe unmannerly joke sentence even if it was meant as a kind smile of the past:
💕—Your very own, Peeko
It was a rare occasion for him to sleep on just laundered clothes, but he made the most of it, and then that’s it. He mostly just lives a life of do what he feels, and that paw position well, he might have learned from my teddybear. 😀

2. The bright autumn trees view in my living-room makes me feel that my graphite-pencil drawings must be on a pause for now, that the trees demand color. I will pick the pencils up again; I want to draw again sometime. I have a painting started on canvas, worked one day at The Gallery on it, that’s that:

There’s no 3, but I happen to love you ya’ll 🙂 & I hope to see Britney. 🙂

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