blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals


(This was really meant to have no caption and is not explained in words, was not even about jewelry or gold, in reply to my accidental horror of captions I’d find in my new revisions :D, but I let it rest this way…:) Had you found this photo or post suspicious, and are you suspicious? I was temporarily 😀 on behalf of the blog, but no reason to be, am just brimming with poetry, read on..)

…And I must’ve wrecked this pendant accidentally with random cleaning supplies hoping for a pleasant surprise (I won’t do this again), and it turned odd colors, as I also realized this key pendant I’d loved was too big for me to wear overall, as to why I’d photoed it on my chest rather than full portrait, and so I then threw it away.

I would wear another key, it has had special significance for me, and a popular romantic era artful object in stories; I enjoy that period: keep safe my sacred things. Similarly, it made me think of well-timed silence or satisfied silence, and to share your little treasured stories with those wanting to hear them and at the time to hear them, the treasure of many treasured things not written of in popular magazine articles, and unspoken things that are not purposely hidden, and also all art created, from poems and stories and paintings and a memoir story typed up in a blog…

I am glad with your thought and with you even more, even if I don’t remember receiving the pendant (tho I have asked 🙂 now, with my yrs not fully lived a blur to me, I am glad too for a separate unlocking overall.


I’d temporarily lost or misplaced some jewelry in a ‘pockets hanging display’ I’d had for many years that had slowly ripped, and my jewelry got lost in the new-made pockets, a few of them!—I shook it thoroughly before even attempting to throw it away of course—found! 🙂 🙂 This rope necklace is an anniversary gift from Dan, 10 yrs, and then he’d given me a beautiful bracelet but most bracelets don’t fit my wrist, and we kept forgetting to find another one with many yrs slipped into this one.

Now I organize and enjoy these things found and with my original full metaphor.


—Starting now, I will be on a time of food body focus, esp. enjoying foods I prepare, fruits, snacks, rest, physical movement, yoga, dance, walking, and stretching, beauty spa, art, and mostly feasting; body and art balanced; the thought came to me Saturday night: I’ve not been truly embodied these few months, starting with food, want to eat and savor, eat with food alone and not the multi-tasking I would do while typing on my phone. I have been shuffling these posts around the blog a bit confused; I notice, they all land nicely; please do view my latest painting as you please…and with all this, I tiptoe…:)


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