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A Very Renewed Lamp and an Apple-Castille Bath

the blushing sky at dawn 🙂 :* :*


…What a difference a renewed lampshade makes! I wasn’t tearing apart this blog today, but I did tear apart a lampshade! Well, in a really good way.

For a long time, in the back of my mind I would feel like this lamp needed some change, I never gave it much time…

Today I found the inner lining better removed, and that fabric itself felt kind of musty, I also fully cleaned the outer linen fabric, and now the lamp shines much brighter and very refreshed!

much more pleasantly bright this evening 🙂

When I took off the lampshade, I wondered what it would look like if I turned it on without the shade? (I checked safety tips in case.)

Suddenly the room was like an 1800s room as I’d imagined one would look with bright bulb and deep brown base, and my little music-box on the side table began to play a few notes on its own, “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven. I had turned it today but that was much earlier.

I was giggling, turned around toward the door, and I see my shadow is giant on the inside door from this lighting! It was a lot of fun, as I dried the lampshade and let it air fully dry, to set back.

This afternoon I attended Indelible Magazine’s Zoom Oktoberfest, read a poem of mine unplanned as there was free time, but one I knew was done, and I picked it on the spot from my laptop folder of poems since after my second poetry-book. I will share the YouTube link when it comes in.


Something else you may like to know is that it is wonderful to bathe with apple slices. I had no cucumber today and found out apples have lots of Vitamin E and are great for your skin..I had a little Castile soap and apple slices bath this morning (braeburn apples) before the poetry event and lampshade fun; you can put the slices on your face or over closed eyes as you’d like. So besides eating apples in autumn, they can be refreshing for the face, complexion, and skin too. 🙂


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