A Dream Definition, An Apple Suggestion, and A Cat with a Full Repertoire for His Paws

After I wrote yesterday evening, I dreamed some invisible being wanted me to know very directly and with great importance, yet in true life the line is metaphoric: “You are in essence a fairy woman, and you are meant to be with apples often.”

I set up a bath ready with apple slices: two slices in half to place over and revitalize my eyes, a glass of water, a half to eat. I recommend apples in this way; it is really amazing, and I would not have guessed until I thought to improvise, and saw online it was recommended. I also place the slices in the bath which makes skin feel calm and awake, and on my eyes as my eyes open again, they too feel awake naturally.

This cat was glad for a photo, proud that he has been adding to his repertoire of paw postures, as he observes more all the time; here he is with his little proper teatime paw—he might’ve observed it from my little black bear teddybear that I’d found and had been telling of often.

Your very own,

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