blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Just Because

  1. I’d been eager to see the Indelible magazine Octoberfest Zoom reading on YouTube; funny how the photo shows 9 participants and not me; I was a little late though, and likely the only late one that showed me as the 10th participant, that’s why. 😅 I wondered how my poem worked out in reading it aloud, considering I just picked a poem on the spot.

2. One line poem in a minute or less:

How do I word this: I want to enjoy a dessert that has not yet existed; I want to kiss as a practice. 😘

(The post’s title is an implied last line of this poem’s first line I’d not known I was going to write, and there is a second stanza to share tomorrow that includes some of these words in a new way, all so far, a draft in progress.)

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