Dhakeeyun Was The Title I’d Wanted

As a quick, clear comprehension of something deep that’s been spoken. The title “Keys” was similar, but that’s no computer keys, and so I couldn’t find an English word exactly the same.

(8:40 pm)

…It looks like I forgot to learn how to lie; it looks like I never cared to try; I would still choose honesty even if I was a good liar, even if I may have been thrown randomly out of myself around these yrs; when I was a baby I danced to music only up and down and in one little spot, never side to side or around, with a mostly steady face; I would ask you a question if I could than dislike you in secret, yet I want no keys lately but for poems and stories, and fewer facts given past 8 pm. Enough, this is not even a poem.


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