blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Stanza by Stanza: A Poem in the Making, Verse Two

This is my poem in the making. 🙂 When I reach the last stanza, I will revise it as much as I’d like and then post it all as one complete poem with a title…

But I will also stop the “live verse by verse” midway and compose the second half of the poem off the blog, to title and post it afterwards.

Here are the first two stanzas, one from today, the second tonight. I thought for form to repeat a word or two from a previous stanza in a new way in this poem in the next stanza, however it feels best.


How do I word this: I want to enjoy a dessert that has not yet existed; I want to kiss as a practice. Just because.

How did I find this video again? I practice the dance; I must try it again. I go to the mall to buy a top, and I come away with a shake. A kiss.

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