Someplace Else Away

oh, this bird stopped by yesterday 🙂

I could call this a retreat but I am honest it is in a way but it seems that many people close to me find me overwhelming, doing wasteful things, or just annoying in general, Miss May seems to welcome me fully; we have plenty to laugh about and enjoy, Peeko too, I call him my “Care Cat;” he is deeply compassionate and nurturing towards me, and very proud of that role. This is a direction now. I may be ‘going away’ but I am not hiding; you know where to find me. I will come by the blogs as people come here because they want to. I will be away from other social sites and I won’t call anyone. I will be with God in full communication. As for the latest angel, I want to draw her again on paper, my idea of the Winter Angel, you’ll see next time. I will be adding books as I read them, Anne of Green Gables #1 by LM Montgomery I’ve loved, I have the full series, I have joined book groups for more personalized discussion and read along, practicing my drawing and art, writing, all the rest of the spa often top priority. Read my most recent poem I’d begun on the blog live and completed it.


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