blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Someplace Else Away

oh, this bird stopped by yesterday 🙂

I could call this a retreat but I am honest it is in a way but it seems that many people close to me find me overwhelming, doing wasteful things, or just annoying in general, Miss May seems to welcome me fully; we have plenty to laugh about and enjoy, Peeko too, I call him my “Care Cat;” he is deeply compassionate and nurturing towards me, and very proud of that role. This is a direction now. I may be ‘going away’ but I am not hiding; you know where to find me. I will come by the blogs as people come here because they want to. I will be away from other social sites and I won’t call anyone. I will be with God in full communication. As for the latest angel, I want to draw her again on paper, my idea of the Winter Angel, you’ll see next time. I will be adding books as I read them, Anne of Green Gables #1 by LM Montgomery I’ve loved, I have the full series, I have joined book groups for more personalized discussion and read along, practicing my drawing and art, writing, all the rest of the spa often top priority.


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