Oct. 27, 2022

I am very sad today, I spotted this flower, a little green arch above it. If I would’ve been there longer, it would have been watered by my tears…


Dear Mayy, I know of a place you may like, you may already know, I haven’t been there in awhile; let’s go together; I want to be a refuge for you, I’ve been getting help as I can and you’ve lifted me all through; the energy could spread; I’d wish it to…If you’d like to, I happen to be going there tomorrow, morning-time toward noon. 🙂 I like being with you, how you look at my face and take hold of my hands.



I learn, pronounce: Mayy Zee-yeh-deh.
Ma-ree, birthname; May like month with extra y as I’d practiced, but I got confused a bit…sometimes spelled Mi, but not “Mimi,” not a pussy cat, 😂 I’d been kindly informed. Next to learn, middle name, dad’s name “Elias.” This is all conversational learning. Ee-lee-es.

Mayy Eel-ee-es Zee-yeh-deh. In Egypt, Zee-ya-da; she’d lived both places, but Lebanon had made her their person of the year and have honorary statues, in Chatoul, one with an engraved rose, so more often one will hear the first pronunciation. She’d lived in Lebanon before Egypt, and then traveled between both. I enjoy pronouncing loved things or names as my favorite part of language lessons.

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