Indoors, Mostly Forget the Sky for Now, Pt. 1

October 29, 2022, 8 pm night

For tonight, let’s be indoors…Close and roll down the blinds, open partway, the stars are lit just a little, lamplights for relaxation and silent reading.

I raced you to the chair: I think I got there first, am very fast. I like how you have better jokes. 😉 last word :D. You gave me a certain look I like, and so we sit. Confession: I don’t love this book’s telling as much as it could be, who cares? when it’s nice to be quiet, on the same chair, where? It doesn’t matter. 🙂


Prompt: Write about where you’d like to be at the time and what time of day it is, and then describe the setting, and anything that could happen there, a wish in living form—add a little rhyme or repetition for wish being lived out prose poem, then revise and correct any punctuation for ease of reading. 🙂

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