It Was Sweet, It All Renewed Me, Pt. 2

Everyone has trials, but not everyone has these, and coming through them, I am not afraid at all to be deep; it is necessary…You hear my deep thoughts and you believe in me; you see me floating on the water and you know I am not drowning us…You smile often, my face is warmer because of your face, you make me want to be beautiful, and to get my beauty rest…If I was to slip under the depth of thoughts and respect and closure, I find you don’t tell me not to drown, my love, you are with me as I swim…Resting some more, I sleep a little extra to make up for loss sleep and frustration, until it is light, I love to feel beautiful, and you make me feel so, or I should say you enjoy me, and later morning, there is a place I’d liked to go and want to go again, I could show you,


P.S. I like your little jokes, I liked that we could smile about the reading being ab. the little man climbing up the tree to see Jesus, you liked to tease about Gi being a petite man, I like how you gently placed your hand around me as we knelt to pray. I like how I noticed the light oak wooden pew was so polished I felt to slowly slide at first, but I sat better, and I was glad to have come there at all, I read the St. Francis prayer in the garden afterwards, I feel I could make the world more loving if not better.

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