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A New Lamp Shade (To Be Shown Next Time)

The missing part with the very dim lampshade: a metal fastener that goes right around the light bulb socket and now allows a lampshade with the corresponding washer size to attach to this current lamp base! A frosted lightbulb is another option to use for a calmer light, and I will also look for a lampshade that’s a little lighter in color like this and covers the top a little so walking by you don’t get too blinded by direct light. Safety Tip: A lampshade should not balance atop a lightbulb, and a lightbulb is safest not exposed.

So much I’ve learned, especially safety rules, what a pleasure it has been. And on Blush of Dawn, there is plenty to learn, often with updated info.

I learned something else new, that lamp harps may come apart from a new lamp and will raise the height of the bulb to be screwed in, yet they tend to be included with the lamps to be assembled. They keep the shade and bulb in place, and lampshades can be changed by taking measurements; it tends to be preferable for more expansive light to go a little bigger than the base.

My own best discovery: a new quality of livingroom light and an elegant, clear light that is great for reading. May I be your Maintenance Man? 😉😁…

But the real question: did you notice the cat in the bowl? That’s Peeko, of course and he chose that fine bamboo fruit bowl as his bed. He didn’t want any of the pillowy cat beds we got for him; we don’t use it for fruit or anything, but he selected it for his bed.

  • This is the new lamp, keeping the previous lamp base for another time, but I like the lightbulb brighter and this lamp allows for higher wattage, so still in progress, shown for now, with a lounge mood. 🙂


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