blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Happy Halloween

I hadn’t dressed up this year, but I wore a new green top and blue pants from Pac Sun with medieval-like brown suede heeled ankle boots, not planning to be a “forest-ling” but I decided that when I was there, secretly.

With my one year old niece who walks now, my sister in law, and husband, we went to a Halloween parade where the streets were blocked off and children dressed up with parents walked down the street. My niece Brinley gave me a few Kit Kats that my husband her Uncle and I gave her, and gave them also to her Uncle (who picked them out), Mom, and some other children in the parade. I realized I am pretty selective with candy, Kit Kats are definitely a favorite, along with Dark chocolate bars, dark chocolate with berry, Tootsie Rolls, and Milky Way bars. Brinley was a pink and purple dragon.

The Halloween costume parade down the street was so orderly and nice it was almost hard to watch! 😅

My favorite part: a little girl glided by in an individual bus, playing music, and Brinley started chasing after her, I think she liked the music, and the little Ghost Busters mobile playing the theme song! Brinley loves music, and it was an eager chase.

I got candy free from the complex office where I live, Kit Kats and my other favorite I’d forgotten: M&Ms.


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