A Debut Fantasy Novel, All Saints Day, Writers’ Retreat

photo from bookshop

November 1, 2022

A new fantasy novel I’d found with a second book in the series to come this month.


It is All Saints Day, and this holiday has a very special meaning. 🙂 🙂 Miss May says from the song we listened to…“But you are the angel in person.” 🙂 I laugh a little, very pleased. I say but you are the spirit of pure heaven; that’s true, and we smile; she is a woman I would have dreamed…She says “Maybe I dreamed you…” She looks at my face in the sun and my cup of green tea and kisses my face, she has a little thought that I understand without mention. 🙂


I had looked for a newly released novel and completed reading, Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan on Monday in my own bath after I’d loved the opening bathtime brief scene; this book was released Jan. 11, 2022 and has a second book in the series to come mid-November. Here are my thoughts:

This is such a great debut novel, and the author has incredible potential in writing further works. I was really enthralled with the novel’s deepest themes, gorgeous scenes fully fathomable, symbolic vivid objects, and the calmness of storytelling pace.

I would love for the author to continue entering settings as she has so vividly, center events in present while side or back stories enrich it and feel as alive and vibrant, continue to not worry about length and write uninhibited like this, yet with the conscious mind that has noticeably done good in this, and also to make the characters besides the main one very realistic, for the little conflicts to be resolved with the characters all feeling very real, and with a little less thinking aloud of the protagonist’s internal questioning of what’s to follow.

I love how many times the novel used my name “jade” in different ways, and this is a novel worth reading through to the end. I look forward to more writing by this author Sue Lynn Tan.

This fantasy book also served some lovely tea, like jasmine, pu’er, oolong and dragonwell.

Here is a new tea I’ve tried from my favorite shop for yrs, Adagio.com. (They give you points which add up to a discount, and points are given when you review tea and purchase anything.)

Gyokuru. This tea is best made with cooler temperature water about 170 degrees (right at the beginning of the green section if using variable kettle), and unlike my first cup which tasted to me a little too much like evergreen leaves, this cooler temp. and steeping for about 2 minutes, with a full teaspoon of loose leaves per 7-8 oz water, yields a full-bodied, pleasurably naturally sweet green cup.


My short storybook is already in transit at the library, and I found that reading as many of those I’d like will be my first own step in writing, as I haven’t read many short stories in many years. And then I’ll know more if I want to write those, or write a novel now. To be told. 🙂

the livingroom today :). Peeko was with me the whole day near and is sitting on the couch near to me. This photo is from Tuesday, my blackbear stuffed teddybear we call “Teddie” (Peeko likes that name) just looks into my face like this with her affectionate, adoring smile as she nestles against my chest, and is very calming in many things done for relaxation, like reading a book, writing, meditation, sitting, yoga seated stretch, or tea.

I have also scheduled this free writers’ event in my calendar (for NaNoWriMo) this Saturday at the Easton, MA historic library:


Writers’ Retreat at Queset House

When: Saturday, Nov 5, 2022, at 2:00 pm EDT

Duration: 1:00

Where: Ames Free Library – Queset House, 51 Main St, North Easton, MA 02356, USA

Drop-in for a mini retreat with your fellow writers! 

Those looking for a quiet place to write can grab a spot in our Makerspace. We’ll have a selection of writing prompts and resources handy if you’re feeling stuck. 

Want to chat with other writers about your progress or workshop your way past a roadblock? Grab a seat in the 1st Floor Information Cafe and share away.


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