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November Plans: My Own NaNoWriMo, My Art Show Booked in Advance, and Relaxation

As for my plans for November, I am painting for my next Art Show, focusing on one canvas awhile: the weekend, Fri – Sun, June 2 – 4. I plan to sketch some outdoor scenes in the places I am and paint them on canvas as one idea for type of subjects.

I am choosing a fiction project: I have found a small short story anthology I may like as an example of the form. I may write a short story, or work on my new novel, by trying whichever appeals to me first.

You may have heard of NaMoWrimo, national novel writing month in November, I’ve joined for the local group and page, but I myself have no rules or mandatory word count for myself ‘to win.’ 🙂

I started a gallery page to show many of my sketches and drawings in pencil. It is like the page with more written info for my paintings on the main menu. I have also added this pg “sketches” to that top main menu.

I am not so well and neither is Peeko; I plan to rest all day, as much as I need, am not sick but must be stressed, my dreams and daydreams to be with me, and to fully nourish all my physical senses. I am working with a therapist recently and also working to not delete my own blog posts. Thank you to anyone reading! My cat Peeko will need to be checked at the vet: I scheduled him an appointment in case. 🙏💕

Peeko enjoys William Shakespeare, really liked hearing me read passages from A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream last night (a prev. post about Peeko with this book), he loves metered poetry, and Shakespearean and antique styles of English verse, being an art curator and my “Care Cat.”

He also enjoys that he’s been schooled awhile, loves the classics of English literature, music, and plays plenty. His birthday is next week, Nov. 8th; he’ll be 8 yrs old. In cat years to human years he’s now 44, but he decides most of the time he’s a baby.


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