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Bringing Calm with Arranging Books with Honeybear…A Milk and Honey Moisturizer

November 2, 2022

My books were greatly out of order, book 2 showing before book 1 of a series, poetry, non-fiction, novel in a row…But I found that a little fun.

I wanted to bring some calm and beauty and simplicity to the bookcase and my mind this afternoon…I also spaced the books a little more apart more comfortably; this is a great way to keep books in great condition, and I centered my Honeybear I’d gotten from my friend as a gift, bringing more simplicity and peace.

This row shows my writing resource books like dictionaries and some other similar non-fiction, short stories, and some poetry books I’ve enjoyed recently.

I will also purposely place a book or two out of genre that I want to maybe notice accidentally to reread it: Second row Mariana by Susanna Kearsley is a novel purposely out of place I’d like to notice one day among my poetry books.

Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf is a very poetic novel, and Rivers to the Sea (1915) by Sara Teasdale was a greatly big deal woman poet’s book from the early 1900s, Collected Poems by Edna St. Vincent Millay is a book me and my cat Peeko equally enjoy together.

Tea in Heliopolis is a favorite poetry book by author and painter Hedy Habra, who paints her book covers. Her book contains a poem that mentions melted honey.


I also found the nudge of intuition showing me my past moisturizer was agitating my skin and causing brightness and then subtle peeling, creating unsettling anxiety in the back of my mind throughout the day before I considered a change. For people like me with sensitive skin, alcohols can be irritating and cause the skin to flake or peel easily…

Since then, I’d found a natural moisturizer idea, some milk and a little honey has made me feel so much better, no peeling, and a more awake feeling face even when I’d lacked sleep…I use almond milk, which also stays fresh for a long time in refrigerator.

I pour a little almond milk into a small bowl and take just the very edge of a teaspoon of local liquid honey, less than a teaspoon, stir it, and can apply lightly with fingertips (less honey is a lot more refreshing for me); you can apply it with a natural wool sea sponge for the shower, which can be rinsed with water and soap and let dry. To deep clean the sponge every so often, put it in a bowl of vinegar and soak for ab. 30 mins.


My wise Editor lets me know it’s a good idea to have full post show in email and also keep that version on the site instead of so much adding and changing: write, review, publish; I practice this now. 🙂 🙂

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