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NaNoWriMo…Which Fiction’s A Go?

NaNoWrimo stands for national novel writing month which takes place in November. Writers can choose to write short stories, essays, a novel, or poetry for the month. Apart from the official guidelines, I will “win” no matter the word count but will check word count a little further along, am mainly using the site to see a calendar of events of local writers meeting.

Which fiction did I pick? Spin!spinning…I was initially going to write a short story and another and send them to magazines, maybe a collection; I read a selection of short stories, and might some other time. I could feel my direction and interest drawn to a novel.

This is my first time writing a novel. I have a genre I am pretty sure of and audience, but not to tell yet.

I began writing it today, putting together main ideas with pen on paper, characters, a question and theme, and detail of an interesting object that may be included. The folder also contains my paper yearly calendar just for this book that I’d learned can help with placing scenes.

I will be at the Queset House in Easton, MA Library for the Writers’ Retreat today, Sat. 2 pm – 3 pm up until 4 pm, a free event, open to anyone wanting to write and can talk after.

Also: my own leaf gift, ready. 🙂


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