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Writing a Novel 1st Day: Queset House, MA

It was a lot of fun writing my first event for NaNoWriMo at the Queset House behind the historic Ames Library near where I live in MA. I hadn’t been in that ‘House’ before which is a public place; it was like stepping into someone’s old Victorian House in the victorian era itself. I was the first writer there.

I knew if I didn’t write anything at all for my novel, I would look around as much as I’d like. I climbed the huge, ornate wooden staircase and saw something like a lively party in the “Digital Media” room, whatever that is, and went back down to the 1st floor.

I saw the two writing rooms were ready with desks and chairs and a writing prompt paper, I filled some parts out at the time having fun with it.

And then I saw the room across the small hall was a library with books; I noted the books were comfortably spaced, the best way to preserve delicate books, they all seemed to be leather-bound from the 1800s, and the air was crisp but not freezing.

One caught my eye, a name sounded familiar yet I’d heard it mainly just recently, I took it down, pressed it against my chest, hurried into the writing room, thinking it was just me there leaving the library, I giggled aloud, ‘This is so much fun!’

I met just then another writer who must’ve arrived in the room, was great to write next to another woman working on NaNoWriMo, and further ahead than I was.

The book interested me as inspiration for details in setting, but I have a feeling I’ll have other place details apart from the non-fiction book I took some notes and completed in the hour. That was all I really wrote and it was very intriguing to learn.

Toward the end, a man with a formal jacket and white hair from the hallway (unseen at the time) said to the librarian, “I am surprised no writers showed up to the NaNoWriMo event.” (You may know my joke on the blog that I may be invisible, but always find out I am not :D. I said, “We are here! (of me and the other woman writing in the front room) —We’re visible!”

But I don’t know if he happened to get the ghost joke, ‘cause it was such a nicely old Queset House library it felt fitting, but the front door to leave was stuck, he said, he was afraid to break it, and I went to help him, but the librarian already had. 🙂

I stapled my pages of detail in place inspiration and my outline page and set the writing prompt page ready for another time; they were some interesting simple writing prompts.

Only if it’s dialogue; otherwise I’d rather pick a verb.

Adjective would fit make more sense here but I want to spend more time with verbs, I’ve realized, as in an action word.


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