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Homemade Products for Healing and Rest: Showcasing…Pillow and Moisturizer

UPDATE: I found over time this pillow is too hard for me personally, even if I’d enjoyed the design / stability. I would like to sleep on a cotton pillow; I’ve found how / where you place your head on a pillow can allow you more space and comfort. This pillow may be good for someone else, and it’s non-returnable.

This package arrived today :)…

Premium Buckwheat Pillow

My recommendation: I love this pillow, as a side sleeper and a small person, my face may fall into a more softer pillow and feel like its covering me, not with this, it stays firm yet not rigid, and ever so gentle, natural scent is so pleasurable and sweet. I bought 2 for my Queen Double Bed.

P.S. I carried this 24 lb box of pillows this morning from my complex office to my apartment, a couple of rests in between, up the 3 flights of stairs. 💕💖;)


SundaysMoon Sensitive Face Lotion

UPDATE: I personally found this one too thick and not a pleasant scent, but I am fine with no fragrance. As of Nov. 28th, I trying a new moisturizer—but this lotion is highly rated on Etsy, so I will share it.

I wanted to have a gentle moisturizer for my face already to go rather than completely relying on my own almond milk ‘moisturizer’ dripped into a small bowl with a tiny bit of honey: I found I can still use the almond and honey but more often just almond, they smell so sweet and feminine, yet I am glad to use this more subtle herbal one for sensitive skin by SundaysMoon.

My skin is no longer peeling as with prev. one, and this lotion contains are all natural ingredients, looks calmer; I place it on my body too as I’d like, great after gently exfoliating in light circles, with a nutty scent of pumpkin and sunflower seed and a slight flower sweetness, nicely moisturizing and thick and not very greasy, can use daily:


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