blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

My Prayer for Britney..-**’ :)

*This is not meant as a solemn prayer even if original title sounded like it* 🙂

Ed Sheeran – 2Step feat. Lil Baby 💜💃🩰

my prayer for Britney Spears, a song, 🎶

✨💖 & I love this song myself, lyrics, Ed Sheeran vocals & the music…Let the prayer exhale and set the world and their hearts right, wish you well…:)


2 responses to “My Prayer for Britney..-**’ :)”

  1. She’d posted Ed Sheeran before and often posts about feeling misunderstood and sad at night, she loves to dance, and it allows her to forget things that could be upsetting. Also, she’s posted butterflies recently and Ed Sheeran’s album cover happened to have them 🙂


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