blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Homemade Pillow

Daylight Savings I will wake earlier and then continue sleeping ‘til there becomes a natural wake up time for me. The buckwheat pillow is great, my face feels good with space while I sleep, am breathing well while sleeping, I sleep lower down the pillow so less arch for neck and a more even plane.

The pillow allows you to remove some interior filling if needed, with a zipper on the interior pillow that is inside the soft case. Update: I removed a small section of the filling, and I recommend this if needed or have neck pain upon waking, so that your neck is not bent upwards if it is, and for the pillow to be flat enough to lie straight across. This was an amazing, necessary change for me in a couple of days of trying the pillow how it came, and I feel great now. Further Update: While there were certain things I’d found were positive and the pillow well made, each person is different. and time found for me personally that I needed a softer cotton pillow to sleep; this is still a good pillow for those who like a harder pillow, which is made from the flexible, but firm buckwheat filling.

I placed a small throw pillow in too for sleeping with a soft cushion, a great added cushion, as I’d set my others pillows aside for more simplicity in the night…now a little sleep ‘til morning waking, sleep with this hint of natural sweet scent in pillow and questions I have the answer to…:) more like, hush the baby is actually quite happy, metaphorically;

maybe I’ll imagine things to draw, or a look of paint now as I sleep, oh, I have a drawing partly done, I’d found in my book last night I’d forgotten,

I will continue it when I wake! 🙂 Now phone goes away, sleep a little extra ‘til part light, with this pillow.


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