Blush of Dawn, Windowseat Yesterday

Two photos from Peeko’s blush of dawn morning, just as I’d awoken

3 responses to “Blush of Dawn, Windowseat Yesterday”

  1. I named the blog that many years ago when I wanted to write on a blog creatively and was simply drawn to this vision of warmth and gentleness of the color pink, specifically yet was writing not painting at the time 😀 It was almost like craving a particular dessert! 😂as I searched for that pink title and couldn’t find it. And then I thought “blush of dawn.” I thought how the blush or pink in the sky being another day was like a visual of hope, happiness and the warmth of love we could see anytime wherever we are…as a guide and inspiration to make the most of the day and notice any beauty present 🙂 The extended answer 😀


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